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FROM THE ARCHIVES: $50-An-Hour Models Find It Doesn’t Pay To Be Natural

beach fashion parody2


Sunday Mirror Magazine, December 2, 1951

Have ever said to yourself, on looking at a photo of a model striking one of those grotesque, angular poses one constantly sees in the slick fashion magazines: “Gosh, she looks silly!”?

We’ve got news for you. The model feels as silly as she looks.

We can offer this exclusive hunk of information on the best possible authority–a handful of the leading models themselves. On a recent trip to Bermuda under the auspices of Catalina, one of the leading manufacturers of bathing suits, the writer made several orthodox shots of the beauties showing off various new swim suits.

Then, more or less as a gag, he said: “Now just pose any way you want to. Let everything go. Relax!”

The reslt is the photo you see above. The girls simply satirized the ridiculous postures they are obliged to take when posing ‘professionally for fashion pictures. Considering they get paid as much as $50 an hour for striking absurd attitudes, the models found it a wonderful relief–if not a profitable one–to be their natural selves.

Lou Campbell, at the extreme left, went into a “dying swan.” Pamela Rank, in white, struck a “la-de-da” pose. Pat Hall, seated, and Ruth Woods, at the right, were struck with the same idea, the Lady-with-her-hands-to-her-head theme. Ann Andrews is the one showing off her panties, while Jo Kuhlman thought up-all by herself-the idea of displaying her pretty legs at a “different” angle.

And it’s not a bad picture, at that.



Model Lee Campbell in an orthodox pose. 

Blog Editor’s note:  Top models today get about $150 per shoot.

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From the vault: “Surfside Story’s New Rumble” (1963)

“Kooky” Combos Hit the Beach in Teen Designs


By Jane Worth
New York Mirror Fashion Editor
Teeners may be limited to the number of Summers they can enjoy before they hit the sedate world of adulthood, but they sure can crowd a lot of living into the short, fun-filled years of carefree youth.
Look what they’ve done to the beach scene. They’ve taken the new designed here by Rose Marie Reid, added a few heady touches and lo, the beachwear is forever young.
Leading the parade (from the top, left to right) are: one-and two-piece cowboy catchers, in denim: a straightline top and hip-high shorts combo; two-piece cotton-check charmer; bold-printed beauty hitting the cycle; (bottom, from left): knitted Helanca piped in white; cover-up shift for shifting sands; wild-flower printed maillot for untamed youth; striking striper; sold top and flower-appliqued shorts ensemble.
Young dynamite, no? Or Teen-N-T!
Blog editor’s note: Why is it that none of these models look within five years of being a teenager?

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